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Motus Legal is in the BRW and AFR

It has been a while since the last post, and the reason is because Motus Legal has had its busiest two months ever (OK we've only been here since last November but it's still something!)

We have continued to assist a large number of start up companies and entrepreneurs (our passion!), but the last two months have seen Motus Legal assist many more SMEs and established businesses with their transactions and commercial documents.  It is great that the non-traditional way of delivering legal services is spreading to the "traditional" companies and businesses as they too realise the compelling value proposition.  In fact, that's where we think we can REALLY make a difference.

In the last week, Motus Legal received a great write up in the BRW courtesy of Michael Reid at Majoran, and then the article was also picked up in the AFR in the same week.  It just shows what we have been doing is greatly valued, and even the "big end of town" is now trying to get into the action.  As they say, startups are now the "new black".  Check out the article - you can ignore the rest just scroll down to the end to the important quotes... :) 

We've also had two new faces join team Motus Legal, Taylor Pope and Charlie Aykroyd.  

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Keep moving.

The team at Motus Legal