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Cracker start to the year!

What a start to the year!  After a well-deserved break for the team, we  jumped straight back into the deals for our awesome clients.

Deals that we have worked on over the last couple of months or are currently on the go around the country and overseas include:

 - acquisition of a Melbourne based manufacturing and distribution company for our Adelaide client;
- sale of a logistics software company to a London based global company;
- acquisition of an engineering and manufacturing business from a Sydney company;
- sale of an Adelaide based engineering / distribution company to a Victorian company;
- acquisition of a multi-state motor vehicle hire business; and
- Capital raisings for four different startups from seed and angel investors.

Add to that some more commercial work for our amazing clients:

    - Massive licensing deal for Xped, click here;
    - Tenderfoot moves to Paris, click here; and
    - Senior exec appointment to listed tech company, click here.

We are continually amazed at the amount of quality and cool work that we get to do here at Motus Legal.  We certainly "punch well above our weight" as they say.  So thank you to all our clients for trusting us with your projects.

We are looking forward to working on your next deal!

Keep moving,

The team at Motus Legal


Becoming the M&A boutique of choice

The last couple of months have seen workflow continue to grow as more and more businesses (including interstate and even overseas!) embrace the new Motus Legal way of providing legal services.

One area that has seen a particularly large upward "spike" is our transactional services, such as acquisitions and sales of businesses.

A couple of deals that Motus Legal have advised on have even made the papers, see:

Acquisition of Viking Rentals - AFR (click for article)

Sale of Mori Fishing - Sydney Morning Herald (click for article) 

There are more that have been closed in the last six months that have not hit the media pages, and more in the pipeline that may.

So it seems businesses have realised the value and expertise Motus Legal brings to the deal table, particularly around these mid-market transactions that involve a level of complexity but do not warrant the traditional firm fee structures.

Nice to know Motus Legal is becoming quite the mergers and acquisitions boutique of choice for smart business owners.  Thanks again to all our supporters.

Keep moving.

The team at Motus Legal