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...and we have grown!

In some respects it took longer than I had wanted, but it also came earlier than I first planned.  Thanks to the many clients that have supported Motus Legal over the last few months, we are now in a position to hire some bright young legal talent to build capacity so we can help MORE clients and spread our message.

Over the coming weeks, they'll be introduced individually, but for now check out their brief profiles at

We've added a couple more templates for our friends to download for free, so please tell your friends to sign up and spread the word that lawyers are giving away documents (!!).  Now with the extra capacity, I'm hoping our new rock star legal talent will be able to get more templates out to our friends more often, and get more publications out there to help the industry.

If you have not experienced what a non-traditional legal consulting company can do for your business, now is the perfect time to contact us and put our awesome new team to work for your business.

Exciting times ahead!  Follow us on twitter @motuslegal to stay in touch!