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More deals, listed in Best Lawyers in Australia, listed in Doyle's Guide, and family holidays

It's been another whirlwind few months for the team at Motus Legal since the New Year. 

Here's the quick round up of the last 4 months:

  • we have been involved in seven SA based SME M&A transactions in a range of sectors including engineering, technology and manufacturing;

  • we have been involved in capital raisings for SA based entrepreneurs covering equity and debt totalling over $3m for half a dozen clients;

  • we acted for a global consultancy company in advising and drafting contracts for a nationwide multi-million IT infrastructure transaction;

  • we helped half a dozen clients put together executive incentive schemes or employee share option schemes to drive growth for their companies;

  • our Director Craig Yeung was listed in the Doyle's Guide for 2018 in Intellectual Property and TMT Lawyers for the first time, and listed in the Best Lawyers in Australia for Corporate Law for the third year running; and

  • all of our team members have taken additional extended holidays since the New Year to camp around the State or travel overseas with our families. #worklifebalance #familytime

With two more months until the end of the financial year, we're aiming to continue our growth in work flow and help as many clients as we can. 

So please get in touch with us through our website for your next corporate deal or project, and experience why so many clients choose Motus Legal for their deals. 

Keep moving.

The team at Motus Legal

Cryptocurrencies to be brought within AUSTRAC's jurisdiction

New laws which would bring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within Australia’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) regime continue to advance through Parliament.

The new laws propose to strengthen Australia’s financial intelligence regulator, AUSTRAC’s investigative and enforcement powers, and to close a regulatory gap by bringing digital currency exchange providers under the remit of AUSTRAC.

Should the bill be passed by Parliament, operators of digital currency exchanges will be required to:
•    register with AUSTRAC;
•    comply with customer identification and due diligence obligations (including “Know Your Customer” checks);
•    keep appropriate records; and
•    report large or suspicious transactions to AUSTRAC.

The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee has recently recommended that the bill should be passed, so this is an important space to watch if you are considering providing digital currency exchange services.

Get in touch with us at Motus Legal to find out more about cryptocurrencies, AML/CTF legislation and financial services laws.

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The team at Motus Legal

The past three years at Motus Legal...

Approaching the end of our third year as Motus Legal, we reflected on what we've achieved over this time.

Some key stats:

  1. Clients have trusted us with 82 M&A or capital raising deals;

  2. Helped our clients on over $145m of M&A or capital raising deals;

  3. Employed and kickstarted the careers of 12 young law graduates or lawyers;

  4. 0% of employees wear a suit to work every day;

  5. 100% of our clients are awesome.

We are super proud of these achievements and that clients rave about us.  We are so honoured that the business community has embraced the Motus Legal way of providing legal services, and chose us to help them on their deals.  As you can see - we have certainly been busy, but have also enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

Thank you so much to our clients who believed in our vision, and have since reaped the benefits of top legal expertise, value for money and to have their deals in our safe hands.

If you have not spoken to us about your next deal, you ought to.

Here's to many more years with the Motus Legal team.

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The team at Motus Legal

Another few months, and a few more deals for our clients

Time flies.  A few more months have passed since our last post, our record June revenues and cheeky holidays in July - think Vietnam and Mt Buller :)

Since the last post, the team at Motus Legal has:

  • closed a merger between a couple of innovative and leading SA cleaning businesses: Adams CMS and Adelaide Green Clean, click here and here for articles;

  • closed a merger between a couple of leading boutique accounting / financial planning businesses in Adelaide;

  • closed a seed round investment for an Adelaide tech company from eastern state investors;

  • helped Xped enter into a JV for expansion into China, click here for release.

And fresh off the press, our good friend and client Happyco has also closed a Series A in the US, click here.  

We've got a few more in the pipeline so watch this space.

Keep moving.

The team at Motus Legal


Becoming the M&A boutique of choice

The last couple of months have seen workflow continue to grow as more and more businesses (including interstate and even overseas!) embrace the new Motus Legal way of providing legal services.

One area that has seen a particularly large upward "spike" is our transactional services, such as acquisitions and sales of businesses.

A couple of deals that Motus Legal have advised on have even made the papers, see:

Acquisition of Viking Rentals - AFR (click for article)

Sale of Mori Fishing - Sydney Morning Herald (click for article) 

There are more that have been closed in the last six months that have not hit the media pages, and more in the pipeline that may.

So it seems businesses have realised the value and expertise Motus Legal brings to the deal table, particularly around these mid-market transactions that involve a level of complexity but do not warrant the traditional firm fee structures.

Nice to know Motus Legal is becoming quite the mergers and acquisitions boutique of choice for smart business owners.  Thanks again to all our supporters.

Keep moving.

The team at Motus Legal

Motus Legal is in the BRW and AFR

It has been a while since the last post, and the reason is because Motus Legal has had its busiest two months ever (OK we've only been here since last November but it's still something!)

We have continued to assist a large number of start up companies and entrepreneurs (our passion!), but the last two months have seen Motus Legal assist many more SMEs and established businesses with their transactions and commercial documents.  It is great that the non-traditional way of delivering legal services is spreading to the "traditional" companies and businesses as they too realise the compelling value proposition.  In fact, that's where we think we can REALLY make a difference.

In the last week, Motus Legal received a great write up in the BRW courtesy of Michael Reid at Majoran, and then the article was also picked up in the AFR in the same week.  It just shows what we have been doing is greatly valued, and even the "big end of town" is now trying to get into the action.  As they say, startups are now the "new black".  Check out the article - you can ignore the rest just scroll down to the end to the important quotes... :) 

We've also had two new faces join team Motus Legal, Taylor Pope and Charlie Aykroyd.  

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for more regular updates and to continue the conversation.

Keep moving.

The team at Motus Legal

...and we have grown!

In some respects it took longer than I had wanted, but it also came earlier than I first planned.  Thanks to the many clients that have supported Motus Legal over the last few months, we are now in a position to hire some bright young legal talent to build capacity so we can help MORE clients and spread our message.

Over the coming weeks, they'll be introduced individually, but for now check out their brief profiles at

We've added a couple more templates for our friends to download for free, so please tell your friends to sign up and spread the word that lawyers are giving away documents (!!).  Now with the extra capacity, I'm hoping our new rock star legal talent will be able to get more templates out to our friends more often, and get more publications out there to help the industry.

If you have not experienced what a non-traditional legal consulting company can do for your business, now is the perfect time to contact us and put our awesome new team to work for your business.

Exciting times ahead!  Follow us on twitter @motuslegal to stay in touch!

Three months in...

It has been a busy first three months.  Aside from working with some awesome clients who embraced the new Motus way of legal services, we have been busy in the background building our non-traditional legal consulting company.

We've tried out heaps of online tools all designed to increase productivity and we've implemented those that we think fits our vision of a legal consulting company of the future.  You can see some of the results through our new online payment gateway and what our clients think of us so far - check it out on our website.

We've put more free template documents on our website (go sign up for yours) and started this blog.  We're working on articles and legal tip sheets to be released soon (hopefully!) to help the community.

Finally, we are in the middle of another exciting development in our company which we will announce shortly - watch this space.